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Would you like to read what satisfied teachers have said about the Contented Being resources?
Scroll down for the feedback.

Thank you

to the following teachers for their feedback. Genuinely appreciated.

Text Types Workbooks

Thank you. I found the resource to be very helpful for my students.  Being a new English B teacher, the task of teaching writing was a bit daunting. Every form has their own conventions, the letter, memo, news report etc.  and it is crucial for teachers to be well-versed in them before they can guide the students. Such resources are insightful and a great help for facilitators for leading the learners!

Kanza Javed, English B Teacher

Text Types Workbooks

I really love and appreciate every single task you present because it is very complete if that is possible. Comprehension, vocabulary, punctuation after analyzing the mentor text and the way it is structured and then writing the proposal, using the writing process and the sentence frame exercises, it is just beautiful. If our students do not get a high score using these exercises, I do not know what will. Again 5 stars for this workbook and I will give you more if I could.

María A. Ruales, Profesora IB - IB Teacher, English B Higher Level – Literature

Literature Pack

Chris’ story is everyone’s story. The novel would take you to introspect and discern about your life even more. We only finished the three chapters since we just started the school year last month. However, I was surprised how my student was extremely moved with the beginning of the story. He was able to resonate with the main character’s thoughts about death and grieving. He even cried while he was making a comparison and contrast between the main character and himself. This session with my student was priceless for me because he has a condition - he has a spectrum disorder. And the fact that he was able to feel and be in touch with his emotions made me believe that this resource is indeed powerful.

Mejie Alcaraz, English B Teacher

Text Types

The resource was very helpful, especially the activities for the students. Thanks a lot.

Laura Parkin, English B teacher

Text Types

My students found this incredibly useful during our class revision time.

Allison D., English B teacher

Text Types

An excellent, complete and extremely well structured resource for SL and HL students.

Sharon Duggan, English B teacher

Text Types Workbooks

My students enjoyed the activities. They found it interesting and fun.

Erika Correa, English B Teacher

Text Types Workbooks

The text types… they’re detailed and straightforward, which makes the material teacher-friendly, especially to new IB English B teachers like me. My students are able to have a clearer understanding of the different text types, not only on how to follow the conventions but also to find strategies on how to write effectively. Most importantly, I’m learning a lot from your resources, too. 😊

Mejie Alcaraz, English B Teacher

Skills Support

These are great packs. I cannot recommend these resources enough.

Sammy Jay, English B Teacher

Text Types

I have always struggled to make sense of the official English B text type requirements, as they seem to be very general and generic, providing relatively little framework to rely on. Here the materials prepared by Alan come to the rescue- they provide a solid model of the text type that is then dismantled to reveal the structure and examine the tone and style. not only that- the materials are also designed to engage students in reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar work as well as speaking tasks that foster group work- hours and hours of ready lessons. What is a life saver are the detailed checklist accompanying each text type pack- highly recommended!

Anna Orłowska, English B Teacher

Text Types

The Contented Being teaching resources have proven to be an invaluable asset in enhancing my students' language proficiency and writing ability. Not only do they effectively communicate the nuances of various text types, but they also adeptly embed essential skills such as analysis, synthesis, and interpretation. I highly recommend purchasing these resources to any English B SL or HL teacher.

Joe Jones - English Teacher (Huili School Shanghai).

Text Types

This is a great resource. Being new to English B, it was exactly what I needed. Thank you.

Carol S., English B teacher

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