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Contented Being?

CONTENT+ EDucation + IB + ENGlish


Hi! I have been teaching English for over 30 years and have been teaching IB English B since 2012.

My approach to teaching English B is slightly different: instead of teaching text types through the topics, I explore the themes through text types.

The aim is to make the students extremely confident about each text type, and, importantly, to help them create revision booklets for each text type to make exam preparation more convenient.

I plan to create 5 Bundles, one for each new theme, with each bundle focusing on 3 specific text types.

The first of the 5 Bundles is now available and I shall be adding more as my teaching year progresses.

Please view the video above to see how these resources can help your students embark on a journey towards becoming more effective writers.

Oh, the name 'Contented Being' is aspirational: I hope it will describe you after your have purchased and used the resources. :-)

Have a great year!


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