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£6.50 TES

$6.99 TPT

A unit based on a mentor text written from the point of view of a young student who has an unpleasant experience at a new local restaurant and who then writes a formal letter of complaint.

This resource is part of a BUNDLE of 3, but if it is all you require, this is what you can look forward to in this download:

  • 1 Unit lesson plan overview document – lesson activities, learning intentions, differentiation, ATLs

  • 1 TEN-page Student Workbook – which, when completed, serves as a revision document for use prior to examinations and includes a scaffold to help students focus on conceptual understanding

  • 1 mentor text – written using the required conventions and features so students will not only model their writing on it, but also use it for deep de-construction and language analysis

  • 1 Exam-style listening question paper + audio track by a teacher talking about informal writing + answer key + audio transcript

  • 1 Exam-style reading paper + answer key – using the mentor text

  • 10 detailed, step-by-step LESSON PPT PDFs which include plenary and daily homework activities AND links to animated PowerPoint Video versions for each lesson

  • Over 25 differentiated class activity pages with relevant answer keys covering a wide range of ATL skills.

This means there is almost nothing you need to do to deliver these lessons (except familiarize yourself with the lesson PDF and ensure relevant activity pages are printed) – saving you hours and hours of planning and preparation time.

You will , however, have to mark their writing assignments at the end though, but that will be after they have self and peer-assessed each other’s work to make their next draft even better.

Crammed with loads of speaking and sharing opportunities, this resource also takes away the need for you to be the ‘sage on the stage’; instead, you will provide differentiated learning tasks which will enable you to provide one-to-one support for individuals or groups that need it.

Plus, it encourages students to take responsibility for their learning as their efforts are essential for the learning of everyone else.

If you purchase it - thank you!

Please let me know how you have used it and feel free to provide the feedback you think it rightfully deserves.

Have a great day!

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